Acne Free with Best Acne Products Acne Vulgaris: Acne Free with Best Acne Products

Acne Free with Best Acne Products

Acne Free
Acne free is highly desired by everyone. Acne vulgais free if you know how this will be easy to be realized. There are many ways to be free of acne. one of them is to use the best acne products. you can also do treatments with herbal medicine.Know the active ingredients what so potent remove facial acne.

1.Tea-tree oil
Used when: new pimple appears.
How it works: Tea-tree oil contains terpenoids, which is anti-bacterial. It works to kill bacteria that are trapped under the pores of the face, in the oil glands. Because the bacteria is turned off, there would be no blockages that cause acne. Side effects that may occur is a very dry skin and redness.

2. Sulfur
Used when: sensitive skin.
How it works: It is an active substance which is very soft to work on sensitive skin. "Like a sponge, sulfur will lift the oil is trapped in the pores," explains Dennis Gross, a dermatologist from New York. Sulfur also will make the acne dry and maintain production of oil glands, so banish acne coming back. The smell of sulfur that little sting may be very disturbing, because it should be used at night.

3. Salicylic Acid
Used when: start inflamed acne.
How it works: Salicylic acid works like 'dampen' inflammation in acne. "Plus issued a fluid that is in the acne naturally, so it will not leave black marks on the face," says Valori Treloar, a dermatologist from Massachusetts, and coauthor of The Clear Skin Diet.

4. Benzoyl Peroxide
Used when: remove inflamed pimples quickly.
How it works: "This is one of the best active substance which is often used to eliminate bacteria in the pimple," said Gross. The surplus is the way it works fast to relieve inflamed acne. So the face is dry, use non-comedogenic moisturizer.

5. Retinoids.
Used when: avoid the acne came back and used at night.
How it works: Controlling the oil glands that are under the pores of the face. "Making the sebum becomes easier to be removed from the pores so it does not accumulate a pimple," said Gross. But this substance is very sensitive to sunlight, it's why the dermatologist will advise us to use it at night. Bonus, retinoids proved to trigger the production of collagen thereby removing wrinkles from the face.

6. Oral antibiotics.
Used when: severe acne inflammation and acne scars are deep.
How it works: Jonette Keri, an assistant professor of dermatology of Miami Miller School of Medicine, explains this antibiotic will work from within the body to eliminate bacteria. Antibiotics will also suppress inflammation so the healing process is not painful and does not leave marks. Should not be used long term and should be in control of a doctor. 
Congratulation, you have know what the best acne product to acne free. Good luck.

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