Pimple Treatment with Natural and Traditional Care Acne Vulgaris: Pimple Treatment with Natural and Traditional Care

Pimple Treatment with Natural and Traditional Care

Papaya for Pimple Treatment
Pimple treatment can be done with natural and traditional care. It is easy care for pimple. We are know what pimpleis annoying at all, pimplecan occur on the face, chest, or back. Pimpleis a skin condition where there is blockage of oil glands in the skin accompanied by infection and inflammation are common in adolescents.

Many ways to deal with pimpleand a variety of drugs offered to address skin disorders on this one. In his book "Miracle Healing Herbs', Herminia de Guzman Ladion try to offer natural ways to treat acne. One way to cope with the appearance of pimpleis to hydrotherapy or water therapy.

Pimple or acne vulgaris sufferers are advised to wash your face with warm water and use mild soap 3 times a day. Steam your face for 15 minutes after washing, once every day. Do not touch your face with your fingers and do not squeeze pimples with your fingers. Drink lots of juice and water. Getting enough sleep, at least 7 hours a day and reduce or if possible avoid starchy foods, sugar, chocolate, and nuts and lots of fruit and vegetable consumption.

Some plants and fruit can also be used as an pimplecure, such as papaya, oranges kasturi, aloe vera, and leaves romero. Ripe papaya (Carica papaya) and Sari Kasturi Orange (Citrus)

Combine 3 tablespoons of crushed ripe papaya with 1 tablespoon lemon juice mixture kasturi. Touch pimpled face each time after washing the face. Allow up to 30 minutes and rinse again with warm water.

If you are not experiencing difficulties, you can let the mixture as a mask along malam.Lidah Vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill) Peel the skin of the aloe vera leaf of medium size. Rub the juice on your face every time you finish washing your face with warm water.

With the same treatment with a mask of papaya and citrus kasturi, you can let it all night if you are resistant.

Romero leaves (Ros Marinus Officianalis) destructing 5 pieces of leaves and squeeze the juice. Put juice in the face after washing your face with warm water. Let all your night. If you regularly in pimple treatment your face with natural materials and traditional care such as the above, surely you will get a face free of pimple and fresh all day. Other way, so you can do follow Home remedies for acne vulgaris for get other treatments. owh... I was remember, you can natural treatment the acne vulgaris with green tea to. mybe that's can be tried and solve the problem.

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