Pimples Acne Vulgaris: Pimples


Pimples or acne vulgaris is a condition in which blockage of skin pores giving rise to the inflamed sac of pus. Pimples is a skin disease that is large enough amount the sufferer. According Kligmann, there is none in the world who have never had pimples disease. Possible causes are hormonal changes that stimulate oil glands in the skin. Other hormonal changes can trigger the incidence of pimples is the time menstruation, pregnancy, use birth control pills, and stress.
Pimples not only occurs because the skin is dirty. Factors from the body also causes pimples. Pimples is a condition of abnormal skin due to excessive production of oil gland disorders (sebaceus gland) causing blockage hair follicles and skin pores. The most common cause of pimples is hormonal, pile of oil or sebum in the skin collaborate with bacteria. Generally, pimples
caused by the advantages of active oil glands as androgen hormones produced. Pimples arises because of excessive oil gland is mixed with dead skin cells. Many of you who think that pimples is to attack the face, but pimples can also attack other parts of the body, as in the buttocks, chest and upper arm.
Bacteria also cause pimples. Bacteria usually are in the skin, called p.
acne, which tend to proliferate in the blocked sebaceous glands, which produce substances that cause irritation of the surrounding area. The gland to swell, and may be broken, then spread the inflammation to the skin surrounding the area. This is what causes pimples miles of the most probable, that leave long-term pigmentation such as smallpox scars permanent.
Blockage of pores can cause pimples. Pore ​​blockage is often caused by the use of cosmetics containing much oil or the use of powder that blends with the foundation. Foundation, which contained the powder compact powder easily causes clogging pores.
Another cause of pimples is a corticosteroid drug consumption, both oral (medicine to drink) or topical (medicine Rub), resulting in decreased body resistance, also increases the potential incidence of pimples due to the increased activity of pathogenic bacteria.
Types of pimples:
Comedones is actually blocked pores, can be open or closed. Open comedones (blackheads), looks like an enlarged pores and black. Closed comedones (Whitehead) have growing on your skin pores are clogged up to look like small white bulge. Comedones of pimples is caused by dead skin cells and excess secretion of oil glands in the skin.
Ordinary pimples
Types of pimples is easily identified, a small bulge or reddish pink color. Occurs because of clogged pores infected by bacteria. bacteria
infected can from waslap, brush make up, pedicures, as well as telephone. Stress, hormones and moist air, can increase the possibility of the formation of pimples.
Stone pimples (cystic pimples)
Pimples cystic pimples is big, with great inflammation, gathered around the face. Patients with cystic pimples usually also have a close family who suffer from this type of pimples. Genetically the sufferer
1. The sebaceous glands are over active pores flooded with oil glands,
2. The growth of skin cells that can not be abnormal regeneration skin as soon as
3. Having excessive response to inflammation in the skin leaving the former.

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