Do Not Push Your Acne to Treat Acne Vulgaris Acne Vulgaris: Do Not Push Your Acne to Treat Acne Vulgaris

Do Not Push Your Acne to Treat Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is very painful. Anyway, all kinds of acne really makes us uncomfortable. Acne really eliminate our confidence. But do not worry, you're not alone. There are many people who have acne, it may be more severe than what you experience. He said, everyone must have experienced acne indeed. Only severe acne or not depends on many factors. This type of acne also affect the time of a person experiencing acne. I used to have acne for a long time. Although including acne that is not too damaging my skin. But there is a friend of mine who used to have acne a very long time but including acne type of stone. Acne stone had to be taken seriously so that the skin tissue is not damaged and acne scars that are difficult to remove. Later I will tell you how I am free from acne. And you should know that my facial skin is very oily skin.

I suffered from acne since I was 17 years of age. Initially, this I take for granted, until acne has made my skin look more rugged and very unpleasant. Well, you know how to skin with acne. Many ways have I done to treat my acne. I also have chosen many drugs that I use to try to eliminate and cure my acne. Sometimes my emotions and it even makes damaged skin even increased. This is what makes me have to remind you dengankeras, 'do not push your acne'. You will regret it even make acne more and more.

Do not squeeze your pimples, as this will damage your skin tissue. We do not know, sometimes acne just being in the outer skin, until finally your hands have damaged skin tissue more deeply. You must resist the urge to touch to touch your acne. Very uncomfortable indeed. Sometimes the itching because pimple has made you impatient and emotionally to destroy your acne. If acne is not yet time to rupture, the damage you do will be useless. Keep your hands from his face. Remember, always cut your nails, because long nails will damage your face when you can not wait to scratch your skin. And you should also note, make sure your hands are clean when it touches your skin. We expect clean hands do not carry impurities that are increasingly making more acne bacteria to survive in your facial skin. So the first time you have to do is 'do not push your acne'. It is very important. My experience has proven, now after so long with acne, no acne scars on my face are serious. Indeed, until now I still have acne, but this is very rare, and probably very little.

The next thing you can do to stop your acne is as I do, select the acne medication that matches your skin condition. For very oily skin as my skin, select the acne medication that can reduce facial oil. Sometimes there are even acne medication make skin more oily. So adjust the drugs you select. About the medicine you choose will I tell you on the next posting my article. Good luck and remember 'do not push your acne', may you soon be free from acne vulgaris problems.

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