Acne Scars Removal with Laser Treatment Acne Vulgaris: Acne Scars Removal with Laser Treatment

Acne Scars Removal with Laser Treatment

Acne Scars Removal with Laser Treatment
Acne scars removal with laser treatment in new method treatment's. Before undergoing any treatment of acne scars, you must first treat active acne. This makes no sense to treat acne scarring if acne is still there. So it is advisable to treat acne first before removing acne scars with a laser. Recommended visit to a dermatologist. Although over the counter topical treatments do work, prescription drugs work better and a dermatologist can determine if you need oral antibiotics for an extended period of time along with topical antibiotics or keratolytic.

There are a number of exciting advances in medical lasers that have resulted in great improvement in the ability of physicians to treat acne scars. Now there are different kinds of lasers that can be used to achieve satisfactory results. In the early days of laser medicine they use Carbon Dioxide laser, which destroys the top layer of skin, which in turn allows the body to grow new free surface scars. There is a long convalescence, about a week to ten days, in which the skin is basically an open wound. In addition there is a reasonable risk of side effects with CO2 lasers, such as permanent skin whitening and other types of scarring.

Now, doctors are using non-ablative lasers, which, unlike CO2, does not remove the top layer of skin and non-destructive. These lasers have much less risk and more effective for treating acne scarring from ablatives. My treatment choice for acne scarring is the pulsed-dye laser. One of the benefits of pulsed-dye laser is that it can take the redness out of acne scars. Since acne scars are often red, this can be very fast, within one month, greatly improving the appearance of acne scars.

A week after non-ablative initial treatment, you will begin to see that the collagen remodeling continues for about three months. Doctors usually manages four treatments at monthly intervals.

Generally people who do acne scars removal find the pain associated with acne scar treatment is quite good. While each person is different, and have their own threshold for pain, laser treatments are usually handled well. Also, in practice doctors found that male patients usually have a lower limit to pain than women.

Recovery timeGenerally we found the recovery time for laser treatment to be minimal. After treatment there may be some redness and swelling for several days, which usually will then subside.

A note on the laser treatmentAccutane can be a miracle cure for acne vulgaris, but we're not the laser is usually within six months have Accutane. The reason for this is that Accutane may cause increased scarring from injury or trauma and the type of laser can be seen by the skin as a type of injury. For Acne Scars treatment video, you can see this video:


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