Causes of Acne Vulgaris Acne Vulgaris: Causes of Acne Vulgaris

Causes of Acne Vulgaris

Causes of Acne
Causes of acne is not known with certainty because each person has a condition that is not the same body. But no one who never had acne. In general, if your family whether it be the father of the mother or grandmother or grandfather you are acne vulgaris sufferers were young at the time (because of the possibility that they had already advanced age did not break out again), then it is possible to acne that you earn today is the result of hereditary genetic father or your mother. Yes, acne can be genetically inherited. Family history of acne you can contribute to the existence of your acne. So, following are things as general the causes of acne:

The first is due to genetic factors or factors Descendants.

Second is the Hormonal Activity

Hormonal activity here refers to the process or cycle of hormonal changes that occur in a person. Such as puberty or adulthood, someone will produce the sex hormones (male) called androgens are pretty much that it causes the glands (oil glands) become more numerous and sebum (oil glands) were added many others (one cause of acne is Technical) . During the cycle of female venom menstrasi will also hormonal changes that can lead to acne.

Third is the oil glands Too Active (Hyperactive sebaceous glands)

Oil glands that are too much of this could be possible because of something I ate or it has become a genetic acne sufferers. With so many meals emergence husband glands oil glands so that there will be more likely to clog follicles and skin pores will be many. Acne that appears will be a lot.

Fourth is the pile of dead skin cells (Accumulation of dead skin cells)

Dead skin that accumulate or accumulated will lead to blockage of the follicle and pore blockage of pores. As I have described above that can cause acne because there is no way out for the oil glands and will cause the formation of blackheads. If severe acne can become infected with acne bacteria.

Fifth is the bacteria on the skin pore Pori

The bacteria inside the pores of the skin can cause acne. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is a bacteria that causes acne. P. unaerob acnes is a bacteria that causes acne.

The sixth is a skin irritation or scratching that causes inflammation

Seventh is the Anabolic Steroids (yet can be a complete explanation)

Eighth is the pill or birth control pills Birth Control

Ninth is the environment that contains high levels of chlorine (chlorine) is high, especially chlorinated dioxins, can cause moderate to severe acne called chloracne.

Several kinds of hormones are also often associated as a cause of acne. Androgens such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), insulit-like growth factor (IGF-I), and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS).

In addition, some things or habits of eating and food intake can also cause acne. Here's something else that might even become vulnerable to human causes acne:

Diet or Diet

One's diet can also affect the appearance of acne on the body of a person. Here are some foods that contribute to the appearance of acne.


Based on past research, found a positive correlation or relationship between eating behavior or eating patterns or a person with the appearance of acne. Some foods that are positively correlated with the appearance of acne is filtered milk (skimmed milk), cheese bars, cream cheese, and cold food desserts (sherbet). The relationship between the type of milk with the appearance of acne, it is possible (still in the stage hypothesis) because of the increased hormones in the body such as sex hormones or bovine IGF-I which is in dairy cows. Nevertheless basically kausisatif influence or relationship (causal relationship) between the milk with acne is not so clear.

Seafood or Sea Food

Seafood is often called the SeeFood a lot of foods that contain the content of iodine (iodine). Iodine is also known as Shelah one can lead to more severe acne already exists, although not enough iodine may be a cause of acne. However many people are prone to acne will avoid foods with high iodine content.

Carbohydrate Content of Foods with High / High Carbohydrates / High GI

It is also possible in some foods can turn into a form of sugar (high sugar) and the like something to do with the appearance of acne. If the hypothesis is Foods with high carbohydrates like white bread (white bread / translation that fits what?) Will turn into sugar in the process of metabolism, and if too much sugar can turn into fat to be formed or transformed into oil glands (one of the causes Acne is a direct causality).

However it turns out some high-calorie foods like chocolate does not correlate directly with the growth or the appearance of acne. This is evidenced by research conducted by the American Medical Association.

Study or Recent research has also shown that foods with high sugar content which triggers the liver (liver) to convert these sugars to form a lipid (oil-containing organic material). Side effects of the event or process is the cessation of production of sex hormones (sex hormone binding globulin: a chemical that will mengurahi testosterod hormone levels in the blood). As explained yesterday, this testosteron hormones can trigger acne.

Vitamins A and E

Research shows that patients with acne tend to have low vitamin D in their blood flow is lower compared to those who do not have acne. Bebeberapa people with acne also tend to have levels of vitamin E in the blood are low.

Hygiene (Health)

Acne is not caused by the presence of dust or dirt from outside. This is a misconception of many people who say that the dirt Causes of Acne. This misconception is born due to the possibility of blackheads (open comedones black) look like dirt stuck in the skin pores are open. The black color is not dirt but oxidised really keratin (keratin is oxidized so blackened). The fact is keratin that cause acne appears that there are deep inside the hair follicle or channels, that is impossible to clean. The blockage by keratin is really occurs because of an error or failure of the movement to split the flow cell and appear surface skin from skin oils produced by the body.

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