Acne Vulgaris Treatment with Tomatos Acne Vulgaris: Acne Vulgaris Treatment with Tomatos

Acne Vulgaris Treatment with Tomatos

Acne Vulgaris Treatment with Tomatos
Acne Vulgaris treatment with tomatoes is a very inexpensive drug. This is very profitable for those of you who are having acne. Make your skin of his face has many oil fields, aka oily face, would often complain to the appearance of small bumps on the skin, yes, acne. Acne can be solved from within the body and outside the body. Treatment of in can be done by not eating fatty foods, like fried foods or milk with high fat content. Treatment from the outside can be done in various ways, ranging from chemical drugs until the natural and traditional. Well, there is an alternative ni perwatatan oily face to be free from the threat of acne. Ok, ready,  Take tomatoes, cut in half and rub it on your face until evenly distributed. Wait a few moments then rinse with water until clean, simple is not it? But guaranteed potent. In addition to the tomatoes you can also use a melon, but remember one thing, using that rub-rub out tomatoes or melons do not eat it.

Many anti-acne medicine that uses natural ingredients, one of which is the fruit of tomatoes. This plant is easy to come by, because it can grow around us. Besides can be used for drinks (tomato juice), can also be used for seasoning, sauce or chili sauce, and may even cure some diseases, one of which is to treat acne.

A good tomato is red, as vitamin A and vitamin C are numerous. In addition, the red color in tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant substance that can destroy free radicals in our bodies.

Boil the tomatoes, then cut into sections, then cut the tomato paste and can be directly rubbed on the face with acne gently. You can also create a mask of this tomato. Let stand about 10 minutes, then rinse with water. If you are diligent and orderly conduct of therapy with these tomatoes, little by little, your acne will be gone and your face a healthy return.

Treatment Acne Vulgaris with natural ingredients membunyai many advantages. The first, natural materials are very numerous and easily obtained. We just need more patience. The second, a natural substance does not cause harmful side effects. The third is very cheap. You can compare with the treatment of acne by using Laser Treatment for Acne or surgery from a specialist.

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